Formation process adapted to the rhythm of each student

PTS allows the interrelation of different tools through our API. It connects the evaluation platform to the rest of our own tools and third party applications like, for example, a training platform. As a consequence, the content is:

Customized content

Each course starts with a knowledge test for each conceptual and procedural section. This allows to match each student with a training path based on previous knowledge.

Module content

The content is organized by complete sections of theory and practice, to facilitate the assimilation of content. If the student passes, it’s time to move on to the next section, and if the student fails, access is granted to the practice content required to learn that competency.

Online & Offline

Thanks to the desktop application, the user can access the course without an internet connection. Its progress in the offline version is saved on the computer and when the person connects again to the online course, all progress done offline is updated on the cloud.

Exam configuration option

The student can decide between taking the test in practice mode or certification mode.

  • Practice mode:  can choose the number of questions and the time limit to adapt to the current situation.
  • Certification mode:  the student faces a simulation of the official exam, which allows him or her to get a feel for the real test.

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