Evaluation based on hands-on practice

The result is a course that takes place in an immersive environment. This is possible due to:

  • Simulation exercises: they show the whole exercise with step-by-step instructions, and
    the student is asked to repeat all the actions in a simulated application environment.
  • Live in the app exercises: the student is asked to perform an exercise in the actual application and performance is evaluated by the system.

No previous technical knowledge required

It is an intuitive tool prepared so that any person without programming or design knowledge can use it. Therefore, it is possible for the client to directly create the practice content working with the tool.

Simulación PTS

Different user roles

Each user can access the tool with an interface customized with those services that the user is interested in. It is possible to use the following roles: subject matter expert, editor, tech reviewer and managing editor.

Automated work process and notifications

This work process, adapted to each client’s necessities, allows to choose which roles to include. Each one of them will receive automatic notifications that will make their work easier in relation to the overall creation of content.

Possibility to create test by grouping questions based on objectives.

Version control of questions, objectives and tests to manage the whole question creation, edition and publication process.

Wide variety of question types

There is a broad catalog of exercises that enable the creation of different courses.

Single Choice

Question that offers several possible answers with only one correct response. Its simplicity makes them especially versatile.

Build List Reorder

Create a list based on the elements provided, and arrange them based on a specific criteria.

Multiple choice

Adds a level of difficulty to the Single Choice question by allowing more than one correct answer.


Group together the elements that meet the same criteria.

Live in the app

The most complete and advanced question type that allows to carry out tasks directly within the real program.

Drag and drop

Drag the objects to their correct position within the diagram.

Fill in the blank

Text with one or more words replaced with a blank space, indicating where the user needs to provide the missing word(s).

True or False

A series of questions with two possible answers, split into two columns.


Locate the exact point requested within the displayed image.

Case Study

Set of questions, of various types, to be answered based on the information provided for a specific situation.

List Reorder

Rank the listed items based on the indicated criteria.


The question is resolved in an environment that simulates the real application.

Build List

Based on the group of elements provided, create a list with the elements that meet a certain criteria.

Live Screen

Based on a descriptive image, answer the questions by selecting the correct option.

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