Authoring Tool

To create immersive, customized and practical environments

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Partner Portal

To manage training programs. All centralized within one entry point

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Evaluation Platform

To validate knowledge learned through real and practical exercises

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Benefits of PTS

Mejora la rentabilidad en costes de formación

Improve profitability in training costs

PTS allows you to customize a training path for each student that corresponds to their knowledge level.

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Scientifically proven learning method

The methodology is based on continuous practice through simulation exercises in the real environment.

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Metodología contrastada científicamente
Amplia escalabilidad del sistema PTS

High scalability of the system

PTS unifies interrelated tools and its scalability allows you to integrate your own tools as well as external tools.

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System of interrelated tools that allow a range of uses


Companies that need internal training to prepare their full staff for a procedural improvement.


Academies that want to expand their online or blended training catalog with IT courses created by Media Interactiva or by themselves.


Schools and instructors who want to add an online practice component to their on-site classes.


Human Resource departments that want to create customized tests for hiring practices.

Product developed by Media Interactiva

  • Leaders in educational software and instructional design.
  • Own technological training tools.
  • Owner of MeasureUp, leading provider of practice tests endorsed by Microsoft, Cisco, VMWare and CompTIA.


Over 90% of MeasureUp users say they were satisfied or extremely satisfied with their experience with the platform in monthly satisfactions surveys in 2016.

Source: monthly satisfaction surveys for 2016.

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